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About Didaxé

DIDAXÉ is a young and dynamic training agency, mainly active in the sector by acting as training partner in EU funded projects and programmes. We aim at promoting, within Turin and the Italian territory, innovative and qualitative vocational training programmes, accessible through EU funding, such as Erasmus, and valuable to participants of all ages, whether students or teachers/trainers. Didaxé was founded in 2016, as an association named Tellus Italy, being part of the Tellus Education Group, a vocational training centre based in the UK and with offices in Spain and Poland. In 2018 the association was transformed into a social cooperative, and in 2019 changed its name into Didaxé, leaving the Tellus environment, despite keeping the cooperation open. Finally in 2020, Didaxé has obtained the management, for the next 15 years, of a villa confiscated to mafia in Cellole, Campania region.

Within the framework of Erasmus Plus, we offer a number of services which make our choice as partners a safe and qualitative choice. Our approach is comprehensive of a few interesting features:

Vocational training

We promote vocational training programmes for students and teachers/trainers from all the Erasmus Plus programme countries. We offer formal and non formal training programmes, professional and personal development, through our services and courses in all of the territories in which we operate, through our online platform.

Social Planning

We promote project and activities of social and human development, in particular in the areas where we mostly operate, dealing with promotion of entrepreneurship, support of job seeker, elder people and disability

Cultural promotion

With a special care towards the topic of the memory of the second world war, we promote cultural activities and events in Turin and in Cellole as well as online, streaming on our social channels.

Our services and approach

Within the framework of Erasmus Plus, we offer a number of services which make our choice as partner a safe and qualitative choice. Our approach is comprehensive of a few interesting features:

Holistic view:

we organise everything the students, and the institution sending them, might need, from arrival to departure. The students’ experience is the centre of our activity and their point of view is our starting point. We organize welcome meeting and introduce personally each and every student to their work placement. No fields of students’ stay are left uncovered as we deal with:

a) Airport transfer
b) Accommodation and meals
c) Bus passes and local transports
d) Language training
e) Compulsory Italian Health and Safety training
f) Vocational Training Programmes (work placement and/or vocational courses)
g) Tutoring and mentoring
h) Social activities
i) Cultural programme
j) 24/7 on-site support
k) Documentation, including Europass, ECVET, certificates of attendance and work experience certificates


Pragmatic and human approach:

As a small cooperative, we deal directly with (y)our students, they will discuss the topics of their programmes directly with us, with those who arranged such programmes, and those who arranged such programmes are people who have been Erasmus Participants and Erasmus Promoters in their past and have worked in the sector for a long time. We know what your students need and we are open to listen to your and their ideas for improvement. In case of difficulties, our decision making process is fast and simple. Things will be dealt with at best and in the fastest time possible, always starting from the point of view of the students and bearing in mind their needs and their will and right to have an unforgettable experience.

Blended Mobility and digital innovation

We are able to arrange blended mobility as per the needs and the directions of Erasmus Plus national agency, in this period in which, as a society, we face the “covid emergency”. For doing so we have built our own online platform, creating our own online learning environment, extremely friendly and flexible, enabling us to offer tailor-made online work experiences to your students, building their own internship rooms.


Only professional partners:

Not only our work experiences are arranged only within our range of partners which we proud to be professional and reliable, also our accommodation are never arranged in families, but only with professional hospitality structures. This gives us, and most importantly you and your students, the greatest safety and quality insurance we all need.

Our Projects

Check out our experience in the sector and our areas of expertise.


“Working with Didaxé was undoubtedly a good bet, since they were particularly attentive to the needs of the students: from the choice of appropriate companies where the students could actually put to practice their particular skills with good supervision, to finding accommodation where everyone was comfortable and integrated, or even arranging the language training, everything went smoothly thanks to careful planning of every detail”
English teacher and Project manager at Escola Profissional Val do Rio, Portugal
“The programme was varied and took place in different locations, which was very important for our students. All of you are professional people, very nice and kind. The collaboration with you all was a great pleasure. Thanks for all you did for us.”
Accompanying teacher at Zespół Szkół Techniczno-Zawodowych im. inż. Czesława Nowaka, Poland.
“A big thank you to Didaxé for having taken care of our students.”
Project manager of Solski Center Kranj, Slovenia

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